Mr. Glue & DubFish

Mr. Glue & DubFish

Greetings all Massive & Crew !

Selecta Tom Tom (Upliftment Sound), Selecta White Lion (YardcoreSound) & Rebel Yute welcome you to Berlin´s longest-running weekly Roots & Culture Dance.

2night for You: Mr. Glue (Irieland Soundsystem / One Drop Music)
and DubFish (PeaceTimeSound)

+ Local support by: Fiyah Down Below Family

finest Dub, Roots, Reggae, Rub A Dub & Vintage Dancehall

Free Kicker & Nice Price Drinks !!

admission 1-3 Euro

Catch some Fiyah Down Below Vibes at: ...

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9 Teilnehmer (None eingeladen)


Rigaer Str. 103